Before you start your cycling adventure, it’s important to know a few safety rules:

  • On the way down

    Deactivate hill descent assist to prevent accidents. (This action is necessary to prevent the risk of losing control of the bike during descent and falling). Always apply the brakes gently when going down the hill, as they are very powerful. Avoid excessive speed when going down the hill, as it can decrease reaction time and lead to accidents.

  • on the way up

    When climbing the hill, assistance is required. The higher the incline, the higher the power level should be. Do not press too hard on the pedals to avoid damaging the chain.

  • responsibility

    If you are a driver's license holder, it is your responsibility to ensure that the entire party returns safely. Pay attention to the traffic signs on the road.

  • safe off-road

    Be careful in muddy or icy off-road areas and avoid slips and falls by reducing speed and keeping your wheels on the safe surface of the trail.

  • Safety through communication

    To ensure your safety, send a message to the Assistant Manager at 0784.594.332 at regular intervals of 4 hours.

  • GPS location

    Follow the indicated routes as the bikes are equipped with a GPS tracking system.

  • pay attention to the route

    Always pay attention to the road and your surroundings and avoid wearing headphones, electronic devices or other devices that may distract you.

  • hands on the handlebars

    Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing control of the bike and getting injured, especially when encountering obstacles such as rocks or swampy terrain.

  • height

    Minimum height: 130 cm

  • age

    Minimum age: 14 years or accompanied by an adult

  • Protection

    Helmet and visibility vest mandatory

  • Careful

    Watch out for pedestrians. Minimum distance between 2 bicycles: 5 m

  • forbidden

    Acrobatics and littering

  • +40 724 212 857

    Emergency number - Salvamont Suceava

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